Monday, 12 April 2010

Making of: the Trinkets cover

Next up for this series of posts leading up to the release of Trinkets this weekend is the cover.

Not much to say here, i knew straight away that i wanted to add a little story to this anthology book and to tie it all up together nicely i wanted a side story to help the transition and not be just a boring collection of comics.
The concept was to utilize the word Trinkets and add the atmosphere of an old attic into the mix, and since these stories date back to 2006 (2005 stories didnt make the cut) i liked the idea of them being stored away in a dark place, waiting for someone to come find them.

So in the attic are various items and each one symbolizes a different story.
In the cover we can see a few from the book, a fake skull, a three-headed red dog statue, a black rat (also plays a part), a gameboy, a sword and armor plate plus the red wolf mask :) (love that mask!)

To help to idea flow i added the character Trink, a young girl full of energy and imagination to search the loft and unfold each tale. (she will come in handy again in a couple of years when a new Trinkets come out with fresh stories for her to discover!)

Final Cover Wrap.

a few more fun post to follow soon!

oh my look what i found amongst my comics! the horror


Bernie said...

Love the mask !!!! Great work!!

jelly belly said...

8elw na to dw apo koda ...
den mporw na perimenwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

theWoodenKing said...

Glad you like!
it made a mess though :P

to teuxos h h maska???

jelly belly said...

mporw na parw th maska?? :P
oxi ase ... skiazomai .. oxoxoox
o shiro anarotiemai pws thn vlepei....