Sunday, 11 April 2010

Making of: the Comicdom Con 2010 Poster!

OK then
Here we go!

This is going to be a short "show & tell" on how this years Comicdom Con Athens poster was made.
After i was informed that i was to do the poster, i immediately knew what i wanted to do.

So i started off with a good long Google, i was in particularly looking for an old theatre poster look for the illustration at hand. After a couple of hours of searching i settled for the poster below by Eugène Grasset, after dismissing some Mucha and even some Klimt inspired ideas.

I mainly wanted to focus on the "From Yellow Kid to Conan" exhibition that will be on show the days of the Con so i propped the battle-ready barbarian in the foreground but for some reason i seemed to had misplaced poor Yellow Kid for a swinging Spider-man and a Swamp-things head in the original concept and then yet again i misplaced he Circe de Soleil trapeze, some zombies and a turtle reading comics in the later on version, sorry Outcault! my bad :S

So after the rough concept was put together, it was just a matter of penciling, inking and colouring to the final version.
And i cant hence enough the fact that i loved the Gold/Blue colour scheme when i was doing this. :)

Once the main illustration was done and the guests were confirmed, i inked the text on another piece of paper and pasted it on.

I think thats pretty much the works on this illustration.
hope you all enjoyed my gibberish.

Stay tuned in a couple of days i will post a similar post about the Trinkets Book cover.
have a nice weekend!


AndreasD said...

Το καλύτερο μέχρι στιγμής πόστερ για το Con και ένα απο τα καλύτερα πόστερ εκδηλώσεων που έχω δει γενικά. Θα ήταν ένα θαυμάσιο limited print.

theWoodenKing said...

euxasisto mister

theleis na peis oti tha EINAI ena oraio limited print :D

ilias kyriazis said...

mployzaki tha to foraga pantos

Sophia said...

πω πω Mike, τα σπάει όμως!

"So after the rough concept was put together, it was just a matter of penciling, inking and colouring to the final version."

Μ'αρεσε αυτο... οι ασήμαντες λεπτομέρειες του σχεδίου, του μελανώματος και του χρώματος... χο-χο-χο.. -_-

theWoodenKing said...

kai su mplouzaki??

seuxaristo madam!
e nai tora na ta xanaleo hehe

esu ti kalo tha fereis?

TOMEK said...

Α μπράβο, επιτέλους το ανέβασες να πάρουμε κι'εμείς μάτι πως το έκανες ;) hehe!
Ωραία δουλειά φίλε. Θα την χτυπήσω σίγουρα.
Οπως κατάλαβα θα βγεί και σε limited print, χμμ.... κράτα μου ένα! Μόλις πήρα το χαρτάκι για την σειρά.

Sophia said...

προσθετω: έχουν παθει πλακα ολοι οσοι το ειδαν! ^^

mike, θα φερω κατι μικρο, αλλα για τελευταια φορα.
Πρεπει να σοβαρεύω σιγα-σιγα.
Μετα, μόνο μεγαλα! XD

theWoodenKing said...


oraia, xairomai pou aresei :D

opos sou exo xanapei
arkei na kaneis mia selida tin ebdomada kai tha exeis ena album 50 selidon to xrono.

jelly belly said...

den xriazetai kan na pw oti 8elw ena ;P

theWoodenKing said...

a den xero isos xreiastei na to peis :F

jelly belly said...

mmmm .. prwi prwi .. ore3oules???

ok... 8elw k gw :D

theWoodenKing said...

ok tote tha kratiso
eides poso eukolo htan :)

Anonymous said...

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