Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Making of: the Wolf Mask

With the release of Trinkets i decided to make the mask from my comic "The Wolves in the Trenches"
This has been something i wanted to do for a loooong time and i had the chance to get into the motion of actually making it.
So be easy on me, this is my first time using clay and paper-mache.

Over the Easter weekend i bought all the things i needed, clay, newspapers, wallpaper glue, acrylic paints, a Minnie Mouse ball, matte varnish ect.

I read some tutorials and followed the steps loosely.
So if anyone wants to read more about paper mache and clay mask, ask "Google, Google on the wall"

Step 1: Paper-mached the Minnie Mouse ball for 3 days, 5 layers.
Step 2: Burst the ball, cut the paper mache ball in half and built the details with paper tape, newspaper and plastic cups, then paper-mache'd another layer on top.
Step 3: once dry i added a layer of clay all over and added more details.
Step 4: a couple of days later, once the clay was fully dry i smoothed the mask with sand-paper then started the painting with acrylics.

Step 5: then dirtied and varnished the final and propped on the shelf :)
i think it turned out ok and i hope to get better at this in the future
So expect more masks and clay statues from me, this is only the beginning!

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Stilos said...

Ωραία η μασκα σου, τι λες και για καμια φιγούρα?
Εχω αγοράσει πηλούς, πλαστελίνες και εργαλεία, εδώ και τόσο καιρό (χρόνια)αλλά ακόμα δεν εκατσα να κανω κάτι...

jelly belly said...

den exw logia re
ti skata. . oti pianeis sta xeria sou .... pada teleio .. ftou ftou kamari mou

ps.ti einai auto to umbrella academy to megalo katw apo thn maska???