Thursday, 18 October 2007

Terrible Ivan Process

Time for another process, this time its Ivan the Terrible, the First Tsar of Russia.

Step1. Sketches i did over my summer vacation back home in Crete.

Did some research over the net about the mean things this man did, wikipedia is the best thing that has ever happened to the net.

Step2. Pencils
Once the composition is figured out then i start the penciling could take a couple of hours to a full work day.

Step3. Photoshop painting.
this takes a couple of days and about 5-10 layers (i try to keep the layers to a minimum but i always end up making a new one to try something new) here i find my colours and feeling i want to give and then its just a matter of time to smoo
th everthing out. on Ivan i changed the image a bit from the pencils and added a Russian knife and red flags in the background for effect. oh and i also changed the emblem and drew out a more fancier one that i found.

and heres the final image where you can find at the KingOfHouston site
under Galleries > Revolutions and Empires > Empires

Commissioned work of 20 illustrations i took with G.Gousis and BLOG (10 each) for the entertainment company King of Houston. (
the ownership of that illustration is of King of Houston Pte Ltd

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