Saturday, 6 October 2007

Yuria Process

Well to start of things, i think that my Yuria vinyl illustration would be good to go with. The illustration is for the exhibition Yuria 2007 that will be held on the 31st of October here in Athens, if i am not wrong the comic-related pieces will be in the bookshop of Babel magazine. I started with sketches as usual and sketched out the final penciled piece while out for drinks with my friends.
A couple of maurodafnis later it was done, though i forgot that i was out w
ith other people :P

Scanned and sized in photoshop, started to paint the battling dogs. Added some extra bits and pieces here and there eg. gave the black-eyed dog a band-aid on his nose. This took me about 2 days to do and it was fun.

After that added some design elements to resemble a Vinyl Sleeve and pasted it on a template i found online.

The next day i bought 3 different types of glue which i dont think was necessary cause i only used one :S
Then printed the whole sleeve template via Plotter, glued it on some light cardboard and then slowly cut the shape with a razor, glued the box together and let it set.

Now all i had to do was get an old record.
i went to this little shop to get one and i felt bad after i had explained the reason i wanted the vinyl cause the man who owned the shop didnt want to give me anything good.

anyway after that was done i glued the record into the box and it was done.

hope i get time to make more things like this.

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