Thursday, 18 October 2007

Spanish Conquistadors Process

Another illustration here.
Step1. thumbnails and sketches

Not much done with sketches except i went straight to the thumbs.Step2. Pencils
Yet again straight to it, it was like i knew exactly what to do.
Step3. Photoshop
sample colours then once ive found them start finalizing and smoothing things out. added the candles and worked in the shines from the light to the armor, wanted to give a feeling from the colours of the Fountain, thats why i chose the more colourful background. the pages the Kent Williams did for the Fountain comic with the Spanish Conquistadors were my favorite and i had the book open next to me while painting.

after the image was finished i tweaked the colour balance a bit the brighten the pic a bit and done.
You can find at the KingOfHouston site
under Galleries > Revolutions and Empires > Empires

Commissioned work of 20 illustrations i took with G.Gousis and BLOG (10 each) for the entertainment company King of Houston. (
the ownership of that illustration is of King of Houston Pte Ltd

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