Sunday, 3 March 2013

What did people have to say about AMALA'S BLADE zero issue release?

What a week-
I want to thank all the nice people for the great reviews and the positive support they gave the zero issue of AMALA'S BLADE, I didn't expect this kind of response! You guys really made my week and I look forward to you all reading the mini-series starting in April. We have a lot going on it from Mechanical glowing beasts to Steam-punked cities!

Along with the release of the zero issue we gave two Glow-in-the-Dark posters of Amala in our random give away at our Facebook page. The winners were Owen Watts and Eleni Mosh! Keep Amala's ghostly friends by your bed as a night light :) I was really happy with how that turned out and we plan to do more give-aways before issue 1 is out.

Also did you also know that my mate Josh Tierney's SPERA vol.2 was released on the same day, that also involves high fantasy and young ladies with swords! you should read it! its packed to the brim with talent. I have a short story in this volume and a bigger one in the upcoming volume 3!

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

Click on the Robot Pirate Monkey for a preview.

"My staff loved it. We sold out immediately."Peter Casazza, Big Planet Comics

"Here’s to hoping this miniseries becomes a full series, because it really deserves it and there are so many directions to go in with the world that Horton and Dialynas have created. So many great stories could be told and there’s so much left that Dialynas could create with his art." (5/5)

"Michael Dialynas is about to be your new favorite artist. His style is energetic and unique as he focuses his structure more on flow and action than on pretty pin up poses. His design for Amala instantly brings out the best in what this character is. This is a book that looks like a labor of love with an intricate design and life breathed through every page.""The world of "Amala's Blade" is something new and very exciting... after people read this they will anxiously be awaiting the first proper issue of the series in April. This is female-led swashbuckling fun for the whole family." Comic Book Resources (4/5)

"The art style is pleasing and suits the story, and Amala is set up as an interesting protagonist with a lot of backstory to delve into as the story progresses. The story is quick and engaging, and I look forward to where it goes from here.""Amala’s design is rather refreshing as well. There’s no gratuitous cleavage or ridiculously revealing armor, and the design seems quite practical for an assassin. In fact, part of her design struck me as particularly clever: her sword, which she only uses once she loses her gun over the side of the pirate ship, is tied back to her with a bright blue ribbon so she can yank it back even if it’s knocked out of her hands. Incorporating a somewhat feminine item (a blue ribbon) as a useful and visually appealing trait? Color me (Recommended)

"Amala’s Blade ... has a sense of fun about it that could be a bit infectious as it progresses." (B-)

"Dialynas’ artwork is an evocative mix of Becky Cloonan and Guy Davis, deftly combining elements of manga and European comics to create fluid visuals in a beautifully detailed environment. A steampunk pirate adventure with a supernatural twist, Amala’s Blade has a lot of potential, and its creators deliver on the promise of their concept."

"Weird steam-punky world, cyborg pirates, and a female assassin plagued with the constant nattering of four ghosts from her past. Amala’s Blade is a bit out there, but inventiveness will win over fans faster than you can say Michael Dialynas." (7/10)

"Between Horton’s personable writing and Dialynas’s action scenes there’s plenty of talent, and who doesn’t like the idea of an assassin who takes control of a pirate ship?" (7/10)

"...the real draw of the comic is the character and the world itself. The antagonists are pirates-meets-steam/cyberpunk and the protagonist is an overconfident and charmingly arrogant swordster, all rendered in the chaotically cartoonish style of artist Michael Dialynas."

"This is a thing that you’re all going to love... Check it out this week!" Comics! The Blog

"The color scheme works well for the scene – a dark night above a ship out at sea. All in all, not a bad beginning to a story line I won’t mind following as it progresses: I mean, who wouldn’t want to read about a female assassin?!" Mighty Ink Comics (4/5)

"The Vizier remains mysterious, there's a fabled war between the Modifiers and the Purifiers that bears exploring and Amala's contact with the ghosts is haunting. Horton and Dialynas have created something pretty cool though and is worth checking out."

"Solid story, solid art. And in my book, that’s things a win. I’m really looking forward to Amala’s Blade #1 to find out where Amala is headed next. I give it 4/5 skull and crossbones." Rockin Comics

"I like fresh new energized comics and this one published by Dark Horse Comics fits that bill... Easy to read, full of energy and definitely has enough appeal to keep me reading." Renderwrx Productions

"Dialynas’ art is intense, full of scratchiness and motion in the panels." "Amala’s Blade #0 kicks off an interesting property. Horton and Dialynas have created something pretty cool though and is worth checking out."  The Nerd Machine

"Role Call: Pirate ship. Sword fights. Gritty fantasy steampunk. Crazy heroine who talks aloud to ghosts/herself. Great art. Fresh approaches." Shelf64

"Basically, if you like pirates, ghosts and butt-kicking, smarmy protagonists with a sense of humour that’s lethally sharp, go get your hands on a copy of Amala’s Blade right now." Comics Over Innsmouth


Unknown said...

Congrats, Mike! It's all well-deserved.

theWoodenKing said...

Thanks Josh! Girls with swords rule all comics this week :D