Thursday, 3 November 2011

November Herakleidon Workshops!

This Saturday we kick off the new circle of Comicdom Storytelling and Comic lessons
(Εργαστήρια Γράφοντας με Εικόνες) at the Herakleidon Museum here in Athens.

We will be doing lessons for new comers on Saturdays and the kids for last month will continue new advanced lessons on Sundays (including how to draw different angles, backgrounds and flesh out a spread page )

Following is the Greek press release.
And some photos from last months lessons!

some kids disappeared before the group photo hehe.

for more info
Ελένη Νομικού (Δευτ.– Παρ. 09:00-13:00)
τηλ.: 210 34 61 981 (εσωτ. 201)

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