Sunday, 1 November 2009

The poor night guards.

Decided to upload a small preview of my "Devil's Bitter Taste" comic.
As you can see it is based in the Snitch and Snatch world with the Sheriff and his Soldiers standing guard over the city.
this is a segment from the 4th page when things start to go down.

was at the Cycladic museum yesterday and noticed that Magneto has origins from Greece :P hehe


patricio.betteo said...

(laughs) Oh, yes. Very greek!
Magnetopolous? Magnetorakis? Magnetakis?
(more laughs)

theWoodenKing said...

hahahaha Magnetorakis :P good one!

AndreasD said...

Η σελίδα είναι κορυφή! Πότε θα έχουμε νέο τεύχος με ιστορίες Snitch & Snatch?