Friday, 31 July 2009

Sketchy day

Slow day today so a couple of speedy sketches were in order to make the day pass.
these pics were a good warmup to keep the arm juices flowing
since this weekend i intend to do some writing and not drawing (who am i lying to, of course i will do some drawing!)

is Swamp-thing still running ?

another Bats, a more stylish one this time :)


Vassilis Gogtzilas said...

i love your swamp thing sketch! i 'm big fan of the character! you did a fine illustration!
congrats! keep it up!

patricio.betteo said...

The word "sketch" meant something very different in my days. LAUGHS. Great ones; Bat-synthesis rules!

Dark Wizard said...

BADASS swamp thing.

R. Grampá said...

I loved the Batman!