Thursday, 30 July 2009

Back from SDCC and NYC

Back from SDCC and it was a Blast!
met a lot of people and walked a lot up and down the exposition hall
the place was packed the awesome stuff, cant wait to go again next year!!

but now i am back at the office doing my office stuff and trying to get over Jetlag
only got 2 hours sleep last night, stayed up reading comics that i brought back with me to make me tired but i just kept reading.

a nice espresso would be nice right now :P

In Other news
the first adventure of Taf Taf was aired the other day on Greek Television.
i did the character design for the Yellow piggy bank and misc illustrations for related stuff.

Brought to you by Ashley & Holmes and Artoon.


El Gato Negro company said...

i would love to know what they are saying hahaha

DonaldHelloStudio said...

wow this fella isn´t a piggy bank but a kind of device to make kids haluzinating tough alien war shit! haha, i wanna have one! when will ya show some SDCC coverage!? i wanna see photos! have you slapped the arrant bitch? :D so many questions!!