Monday, 6 April 2009

Pink Robot Lasers! The Superhero edition!

Another Comicdom post for this weekend

this thursday there will be an interview with 5 greek comic artists in the free press magazine Lifo, me, Taxis, Ilias Kyriazis, Panayiotis Pantazis & Tasos Papaioannou
about this weekends convention with a Superhero theme.
so with the interview we were asked to create a Superhero from Athens.

and here is mine :)
this may sound weird but i wanted to do a pic with a lot of Pink :P
pink to oppose an other colour.
a Giant Robot shooting Pink Lasers onto the Athenian streets!!!
and how the people dont give a shit about whats going on
not ever the Superhero...

so all fingers crossed that this will be the cover too.

signing off.
the Wooden King. Out.

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