Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Popgun vol3 landed

A furry little man arrived today and gave me a comic!
he was from Fedex and was carrying Popgun vol3!

With delight i ripped open the package and pulled out the fresh comic with the cool UV Tara McPherson cover and started to flick through the pages :)

it was a good feeling to finally have some work printed outside of the snow globe called Greece 0_O

In this volume i have two little Comics:
The Knight who would be King &
Theres Always a First Time.
plus there are like another 55 short stories for the price of 30bucks!
including the work of fellow friends and colleges Ralph Niese, Betteo and Gousis.

tomorrow i will update with photos of the printed comic book of Snitch & Snatch!!
yes yes i know, exciting news! i cant wait either.


patricio.betteo said...

The Death story: Really inventive... touching.

The Knight story: very very good. A true Mignola/folktale homage (in the writting part). I loved the ogre closeup.

One the best pieces in the book.

theWoodenKing said...

thanx man.
yeah the book looks really cool,
i havent had time to really read it yet, once i finish cutting the ribbons for Snitch & Snatch then i will :)

yours was really beautiful, poetic with nice colours.

mine are a bit old but i have a place for them in my heart :)

Sophia said...

I'll buy it! TAKE MY MONEY! XD

Unknown said...

Sweet! I loved both of your stories, such endearing characters.

theWoodenKing said...

oh so your the one in from of my Death Comic!

very nice work and storytelling on your story.
hope to see more :)

Give it to Image! :P