Friday, 16 January 2009

Counting Stars pages & 13th Babel

Pages from next weeks
13th Babel Comic Festival

done with Pencils, Watercolours, Photoshop and Star Power!

the exhibition will be held in Technopolis, Gazi, Athens
22-25 of January
link for more info.


i had a lot of fun doing this comic, the whole thing is a homage to French comic god, Moebius.
youll see why :)


Matt Schuler said...

Love these Counting Stars Pages and wish that I had a chance to see the entire story!!!

I was curious since seeing the preview shot from the previous post, and now I know.

Sorry it's taken so long to post a comment here. I've been quite busy and don't have the online presence that I'd like to have.


theWoodenKing said...

thanx matt
i'm glad you are intrigued by the pages and now you can read it :P

we'll speak soon.