Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I'm Back & homeless Exhibition

Holidays are over and things are back in motion and rhythm.

So im taking things slow lately cause my batteries arent totally full yet.

things to come over the next months are 3 comic projects and some illustrations so keep your ear to the train tracks :stereo:

the comics will contain: mythology, ghosts, cosmic powers, trees, devils, muscles, a bag, a shroud, shoes, Nazis, books and a promise

hehe that just looks weird.

just finished my one-pager for the Homeless Cup Exhibition by Galera Magazine
more info soon.

the Underliner reads
"Life is full of Little Surprises"


Helm said...

"I'm Back & homeless"

You scared me there for a bit. Did you go to the opening? Will the rest of the free your line posse appear? Tell me if you go en masse

theWoodenKing said...


no i wrote that on purpose :P
i didnt go in the end to the exhibition, ive been a little under the weather lately and stayed at home.