Saturday, 27 September 2008

Holiday Bliss


i'm here on Sunny/Cloudy Crete and relaxing.
saw my little Cousin Stefanos who just turned 7, so i got him a Black Spiderman toy as his Older Couz, who does comics, should do :P must get him interested in that and not football hehe

plus i had a chance to sit down with my Treamcast and give a tryout with some Street Fighter moves! :D :D :D
its great! all i can say is if you like Dreamcast games and want to take some cool games with you on your travels, then this is what you want! 5" screen is enough, i thought it would be small but its fine. when i play Half Life i will see the difference.

plus i had little Shiro with me on the Plane over, that was an interesting flight with a drugged up 3month old Kitten. who woke up here and thought he had been Kidnapped! hehe


jelly belly said...

stamata re na perneis pramata apo to ebay (xwris na exeis k mena mazi.. na kanoume kamia agora) xuuxuxu :D
to paidi kala dld e???
na mou ton filiseis...
ade ela pisw twra ;) xuuxuxu

theWoodenKing said...

den to pira apo ebay xazoula, to pira apo to marousi hehe

kala einai to paidi
edo paizei mesa sto spiti kai pidaei apo to ena trapezi sto allo :P

ante paraskeui h savvato gurnao :D :D

Helm said...


I hope you're enjoying your Crete time!! We missed you on Thanos' birthday party.

Unknown said...

old DC shit :) i love PROJECT JUSTICE :) did you play that ? awesome