Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Stained Memories

Another Illustration here for the Book Ivanhoe i'm doing for Erevnites Publishing.
the Book will be out some time in October.

Most of the illustrations ive done for this are ruff and dirty but this one is clean and freshly wiped Glass :)
i thought it would be nice if this romantic scene could stand out from the other and be radiant.

Clean pencils i did with my Kitten asleep on my lap. top part with the flowers will be mirrored later and i know that you can see the James Jean influence there :P

Above you can see the stained window that was the main inspiration for the final colouring.
which wasnt hard at all, just a couple of colour picks, some glass textures and some final touches the bring the window alive.

hope you all enjoy this much as i do.
the next that i will post will be the Cover of the book
the rest you can see when it is published :)

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Anonymous said...

poli omorfa Mike...mpravo :)