Monday, 8 September 2008


Another tiring week has passed with many illustrations done
and st last i am doing the final saloon piece for Ivanhoe, then the Book cover and then... Holidays! 16 days off which i have been waiting for ages :P

well heres a little ink and colour practice so i dont forget how to do comics :)
totally in the ground surroundings.

and Shiro is asleep on my foot.

have a nice week :)


Anonymous said...

ωραιο blog

theWoodenKing said...

seuxaristo :)

Sophia said...

Θα το φαω το Shiro μια μερα... να δω ποτε θα ειναι!...

jelly belly said...

aaaaaaaxaxaaxax.. o kaloulhs mou ;)
gia des ton.. ti hremos pou einai ;) xuuxuu x:D