Friday, 15 August 2008

Shiro's hot date & the hostage!

mr. Shiro right now is snug as a bug with bob the builders girlfriend...
what can i say?

and just finished the 2nd part of one of my Ivanhoe pages i'm working on.
this one follows the burning castle of Torquilstone.

it depicts Friar Tuck with his hostage Isaac the Jew
and i know the Ivanhoe Tuck has nothing to do with the comical Tuck from Robin Hood.
here he his a big strong man who hides in his little hut in the woods and keeps and bow and arrows hidden in a secret stash.

more news and illustrations on that soon.


jelly belly said...

omg... den drepesai? ti pateras eisai esu? apo toso mwro tou vrhkes gomena??? k pseftiki??? popo...
ftou sou...
gi auto elega.. gnwsth fatsa h kopelia.. xuuxuxuu
eeeeeeeetsi gomenakias apo mikros o shiro mou :D xuxuuxu

Helm said...

I want to eat your pussy.

theWoodenKing said...


den ntrepesai ligo? :P