Saturday, 16 August 2008


is a comic i did nearly two years ago for my Fanzine Freeyourline that i did with a couple of my friends.
if you live in Greece then you can find it in issue 3 :)

i recently decided to upload the whole thing and its process

step 1: THUMBS

god its been a long time since these, they even have 2006 as the date hehe!
as you can see we have character design, some thumbs and of course a joker :)

step 2: PENCILS

if time is no factor then i love to nice and tight pencils so that i wont have to do much with PS
but latetly there is no time so my pencils are very loose.
but these are some of my best :)

step 3: PS COLOURS

and here are the finals after some colouring with photoshop.
i will have to get into that some other time
half the time i dont even know what im doing, i just go with the flow.

i feel sorry for my robot Roger.


heres a frame from an other comic of mine that features Roger's advert in a newspaper
saying: " I Buy Arms New or Old!"
and a song from This Will Destroy You - A 3 Legged Workhorse


skw said...

I saw the first page before in Greek. Those sketches are wonderful, good pencil work out there. Great to see how the pages were done, THE PROCESS. The story and its execution is coolio, the characters and the murky ambiance which it's all set in give me the shivers. Were there any other pieces which Roger starred in? Oh, and any chance of getting it in higher resolution?

theWoodenKing said...

glad you like it :)
hehe yeah the process, i will change the name of the blog once ive made my website, i hear process and i think of james jean's Process Recess.

Roger hasnt really starred in any other comics but i do tend to use him here and there.
i'll upload a frame that i have handy
plus, i'll have to search for the dvd with my older work for the higher res files.
i'll replace the others soon.

Anonymous said...


Hehe. What about associations, I also think of Kafka's THE TRIAL novel, which in my country was published under the name of PROCES. I have no problems with that, though! ;)

Nice paper feature, that RAPE ME chick is kinda hot! :P

Is it yours, that song? It's very very very evocative! It somehow reminds me of the pieces Helm once recorded, those slow-paced, atmospheric ones in particular. I can be wrong, but there was one with a voice-over line performed by you, as far as I remember.

theWoodenKing said...

yeah she is hot :P
now that you said Rape Me all i can see is that but i originally meant for it to say Call Me. which is spelt the same way :)

No that song is from the Band This Will Destroy You
and i dont write or play music except from a mp3 player :P
and i havent done voice overs for Helm, unless he has recorded me without knowing... hmmmm sneaky

skw said...


It was some time ago so again, I must have wrongly remembered. Then sorry for this confusion! ;]

Heheh, ambiguous as it is, that CALL/RAPE misunderstanding is ace! It probably have sense only written with blocky letters like these here though. Now I see the first one was intended to be a Pi.


Helm said...

Yes! More posts like these. They fulfill some voyeuristic fantasy I have going to see how people whose art I respect is made. "The Process" is a fine name and I don't care if it's similar to James Jean's choice, just as long as you post more uh... processes, heh :)

theWoodenKing said...

yes i enjoyed this post. i felt good writing and recalling the feeling of making this comic 2 years ago.
maybe a will post some from the newspaper, the ones i am fairly proud of still :P

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Amazing!

masterymistery said...

rape me, definitely. Roger is great -- you should flesh zim out more, or metal zem out more...

masterymistery at cosmic rapture