Thursday, 13 December 2012

Threads of Time Thursday (forgotten posts)

The past weeks have been chockablock full of page making and commission commissioning (if thats even a word) so i thought to dump a few things here that i havent done lately.

Some of the commissions i did for the Mountain Lion Graphic Card fund featuring a lovely little girl who has a lot of owl friends, the first avenger Captain America and the all mighty Thor!

Cloud Atlas hit me good so a i think a fanart of that beautiful post apocalyptic era was in order.
I was listening to the OST all the time while making this, it was pretty hard to tear myself away from it.

After rummaging through my work folder i stumbled upon this page which was made for the Activity book "Grafontas me Eikones" i made with Lida Tsene for Comicdom Press.
Moebius' death was so close to when i was making this book that i added some easter eggs to the mix and this here was one of them :)

In the Summer that passed i had made a tribute comic for the 200th anniversary from his birth. I chose to do a little parody between Quilp & Betsy from the Old Curiosity Shop and Dickens' love for Punch & Judy shows. (sorry its in Greek, i need to find some time to translate it) i.e. the comic was made for the magazine Diavazo in collaboration with Comicdom and the British Council.

And finally some warm-up sketches with two very different characters, Deadman and Tintin :)

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Christian Kaw said...

I really like your work!