Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Super Greeks! feature in TA NEA

Todays newspaper "TA NEA" had an article about Greek Superheroes and what they would look like in this time of national debt and what-not, this feature was written by Nicolas Zois

The article features (from right to left) Star Eagle Spartan (Ilias Kyriazis), iHero (Mike Dialynas), Working Class Hero (Alexia Othonaiou), Kapetan Giourousis (Giannis Rouboulias) & The Petit Bourgeois (Tasmar)

Here's a better looks at my iHero (i hope you can find the "secret" Easter Egg!!)


Mel said...

Well, I'm embarrassed to admit that I have mentioned something like... the title of the article myself, in fact, when we were looking at a hero from the ones featured there, implying the other ones featured there as well, in fact. Well, at least the ones I was aware of, actually.

Good news, though. It's good that Greece is starting to notice that... there are comics made by Greek artists, at last - even if the distribution of comics here, Greek-made or whatever, depends on a terrible, only-specialized-stores distribution system. Congrats.

eraser said...

Nice work!