Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Mischief! the aftermath & Gulliver the Giant Kitty ep.9

Our little setup at the Herakleidon Museum.

A late post today, since i should have wrote about the "Christmas Mischief" event last week.
Any-who we had a great ol'time drawing and telling stories about Kalikatzaroi (Greek goblins).

here are some photos from what we and the kids did.

Ploubo wearing her wonderful riches and the Goblins.

Ploubo the peasant girl
at the beginning of the story before she met the Goblins.

Vatrakouchos the stupid and frog licking goblin.

the kids drew the cutting of the earth tree
and later some goblins of there own!

 As you can see a lot of creativity went into drawing those ugly goblins!!

today is Gulliver day and you can read (if you know Greek) the continuation to the last episode.

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