Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Trinkets for my Trinkets

i've been taking my time lately posting updates. So much to write but so little time.

Last Month i was happy to receive 4 awards for my Trinkets album.

3 Comicdom Awards
Best Artist and Best Cover for Trinkets, voted by 40 odd people from the Greek comic scene
and the Fan Award, voted by the fans! :)

plus an EBGE Award (Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards) for the Cover illustration of Trinkets!!

so yay and a big thanks to everyone who voted for me and my book! :D

Greek Δελτιο Τυπου from Comicdom Press

I didnt steal them!
Yeah Comics Rock!

This Thursday i'm doing my Workshop in the Public Bookstore in Syntagma, if you are around stop by to say Hi :)

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