Monday, 31 January 2011

The Pie Maker & the Dead-girl.

Ned: You can’t touch me.
Chuck: So, a kiss is out of the question?

 The Pie Maker & the Dead-girl.

So here my tribute to another great series "Pushing Daisies"
i'm still sad that this got cut off the air in 2009 and that its always these ones that get lost in the ratings.
But i'm glad to have at least seen all  22 wonderful episodes of this magical series.
We want more Bryan Fuller!

Click for youtube video intro!


Voula said...

Nai itan poli kali auti ti sira, ti krima pou tin ekopsan. Pantos poli oraio to sxedio. To kirtino foustani teriadi poli gia ti Chuck.

Anelis said...

Awww, this one is so cute, and it does great justice to the series (arguably the sweetest most charming series ever made)...