Monday, 27 December 2010


Its a bugger when you dont have a scanner to do the job right but instead you have to take atmospearic photos with sleeping cats in the bg :P

Anyway i'm back in my hometown of Ag.Nikolaos in Crete, where its been about 4 years weirdly enough since my last xmas visit here. All 3 cats are snoozing around me under hot lamps and blankets, cause this house gets pretty cold this time of the year, God i miss my central heating in Athens!

I've been doing some mind clearing the last couple of days, catching up with an old project ive been working on the last year and writing out the next issue of Swan Songs.

Now that i'm here for the holidays, i'll be having my first comic presentation in Ag.Nik this Wednesday in the coffee/book shop i used to hang out and play backgamon in after school oh so many years ago so that should be pretty sweet! if any Cretans are reading this post be sure to pass by and have a drink, maybe pick up a Swan Song or Trinket!

Dirty ice

ps, ive found a lot of my old toys n games, so i'm gonna make a nice post about them when i get back to Athens.
a room full of Trinkets!

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Kostis Tzortzakakis said...

Cool coffee/book shop by the lake and even coolest the comics of yours!!

Good luck with these, mate:)