Monday, 12 July 2010

Keeping Up Apperances

Drinking espressos, wearing leather sandals
and working on cool posters.
Summer Time is here!

i wish all the people you get to go to the beach
to drink a mai tai for me and salute the sun.


El Gato Negro company said...

awesome!! no beach for me, the weather here is horrible XD

AndreasD said...

Δείχνει εντυπωσιακό! Θα είναι κόμικ ή κάποια εικονογράφηση;

Stilos said...


theWoodenKing said...

@El Gato
i would welcome winter than summer some times.

eikonografisi vasika alla exo psilopsithei gia mia istoria se auto to ufos. polu douleia vazo sto piato mou pali :P

...indeed! :P