Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ghosts From the Past

Been a while since i uploaded something but heres a treat for you :)

Last week my mum brought back from London a few toys, photos and sketchbooks i had when i lived there.
This stuff must be from when i was 6-ish and i couldn't believe it.
Pretty Awesome drawing of Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles & Street Fighter 2
thats the juice that made me who i am today :P

Once i find some extra time i am defiantly doing some "before and after" pics of these sketches from 20 years ago, especially the Stay Puff one and one of a Terror Dog getting zapped!

i Love this photo of me being scared for life by Peter Rabbit.


Stilos said...


El Gato Negro company said...

aww you were so cute
(not that you are not cute anymore =P, i just dont know how you look now haha)

Sophia said...

καλα οτι το είχες απο μικρός δεν το συζητώ!Τελειες οι ζωγραφιές! ^^

Mel said...

On behalf of Peter Rabbit, I have to say that we come in peace and have no intention of harming someone who can draw so well. Even back then.

theWoodenKing said...

@El Gato
i'm not sure if i could qualify for "cute" anymore :P maybe hairy

haha emeina ligo malakas otan ta eida kai ego.
"pos katantisa etsi, tote mia xara ta pigena!"

haha Peter Rabbit rules! i didnt mean the things i said :D