Friday, 16 April 2010

Trinkets@ Comicdom Con Athens

Wanted to post this earlier but i just got in from a couple of drinks after leaving the books of at the convention.
So here are a few shots of what i will have in store at the Comicdom booth over the next 3 days.

I will have the normal edition (seen above and some prints featuring the main characters of the Trinkets stories)
plus a specially wrapped with love and stars, Hidden in the Attic Edition, that contains:
- the Trinkets book with alternative cover, that belongs to Trink herself
- an actual group photo of the group from way back then
- a Skeleton Breath poster
- and 1 badge to wear on those special occasions.

The 100 people who get one of these Limited editions, will be entered into the special raffle that will take place after the Awards Sunday evening, for the original watercoloured cover of Trinkets. (seen below)

I will be at the Comicdom booth through the next 3 days, signing these books and copies of Snitch & Snatch.

Plus i will be talking at a Panel, Saturday, 13:00,  Seven Greek Creators Discuss Comics.

i think thats about it, hope to see familiar faces there and everyone have a great weekend!

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