Thursday, 1 April 2010

Spera Comic Part3 is UP!

The wait is over: the third part of the collaborative fantasy comic Spera is now online at Exiled princesses Pira and Lono -- along with their companion, the fire spirit Yonder -- have finally entered the realm of Spera. There they discover sights far more disturbing and beautiful than anything that has come before.

Part III features the artistic talents of J. Arashi Hara, Olivier Pichard, Michael Dialynas, Oliver Hull, Cynthia Lim, David Grimshaw, Valerie Chua, Dado de Guzman and Vlad Gusev. Coinciding with the release of Part III is a gorgeous, action-packed pin-up by Paul Maybury

We hope you enjoy the latest chapter of the fantasy epic Spera.


TOMEK said...

Very nice!!! To xeis, to xeis... ;)))
Ante na anevaseis kai kati apo to kainourgio.
Perimenoume na paroume mia gevsi.
Fantazomai tha eisai sta fanzines?

El Gato Negro company said...

just beautiful!!