Thursday, 22 April 2010

Comicdom Con 2010 Aftermath

I am just starting to recover from the weekend.
things are starting to flow normally again, i think i will need an extra couple of days to get fully back on schedule.

i would like to thank everyone who passed by the booth and purchased Trinkets.
i never thought that soooo many people would have wanted a copy.
so again... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

plus i met a lot of new people, at least i think i did! after running around doing oddjobs and signing, everything was a blur :P
didnt manage to get all the books i wanted, so i think i will have to search the comic-shops especially for fanzines i didnt get at the con.

oh! and guess what? i walked away with 2 awards. (designed by Tomek)
-Best Artist and Best Fanzine (for Snitch & Snatch)
that was a surprise i was not expecting :D so i thank the Comicdom Academy for picking me.

"This is only the beginning"

expect photos from the con soon and other bits and bobs!
and some time next week the book shall be in national bookshops
i will keep you posted!

i have updated my shop with some copies of Trinkets and the remaining Group photo prints.
all copies of Trinkets are bilingual in Greek & English.
plus the now award winning Snitch and Snatch is still available too!



TOMEK said...

Μπράβο ρε Μάικ!
Με 2 κι'όλας.... τι λε ρε παιδί μου. Άλα του!
Συνήρθες καθόλου ή παραπατάς ακόμα?

AndreasD said...

Και τα δύο άξια κερδισμένα! Μπράβο MIke

Voula said...

kai sixaritiria ksana.
Tha pareis kai sigoura ena allo tou xronou me to Trinkets!!! Poli oraio ollo to sinolo.

Stilos said...

Συγχαρητήρια! Πολύ καλή δουλειά!
Περιμένουμε και συνέχεια!!!!

theWoodenKing said...

vasika tora sunirtha ligo :P
tin kuriaki (proxtes) itan i proti mera pou koimithika pano apo 5 oro :P alla to termatisa me guro stis 16ores haha

:F euxaristo Andrea eisai o no1 fan mou! hehe

e kala den xero mexri tote einai 8mines gia na bgei kati kainourgio :)

euxaristo stile! olo kai kati exo sto fourno