Sunday, 21 February 2010

Spera WiP

over the weekend ive been making my contribution to the Spera web comic,
where over 30 talented artists add their part to the story of Pira, Lono and Yonder.
took this process photo and thought it would be cool to post

So back to colouring and i will be posting more about this and some finished work soon :)
have a great Sunday!


Unknown said...

Wow! *Very* cool. ^^

Chris said...

Hooo, Mike polu omorfo fainetai idi etsi!
ecolini xrisimopeis?ti xroma, giati mauro den einai sigoura, to kafe bazeis?

theWoodenKing said...

thanks :)

xreishmopoio sepia neroxroma giati einai thermo kai oti to mauro me stenaxorei :P

Stilos said...

Looks great!