Wednesday, 9 December 2009

What if Moebius and Druillet designed Ironman?

just what if that really happened, imagine the terror of that suit of armor!
Drink and draw last night had some nice results, this being one of them
which i inked and coloured today.

for those who dont know these fine gentlemen, then click and find out! :D
you should know these god of comic creators!
Moebius / Jean Giraud
Philippe Druillet


Dark Wizard said...

this is sick!

patricio.betteo said...

Some Geoff Darrow in the punch also. ::

X said...

haha great design work!

theWoodenKing said...

do you have a fever?

actually yeah now that you say it.


Dark Wizard said...

yea dude. the radness of how awesome this pic is giving me a hecka high gnarlacious fever.

BunnyDee said...

I actually think it's an awesomely interesting concept... Now I got caught thinking what Iron Man stories (and not just Stark's origin story, but the whole Civil War goings-on etc) would be like with... (get this) Jodorowsky penning them. Harharthar.