Monday, 7 December 2009


Did a little comic today to get my groove on and free my hand up from my commercial work.
its been a while since i've done an inked comic or even a one-pager.
come to think about it, its over a year!

anyway this comic is about Friday night when me and Vasilis were playing Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii.

Good Times :D


BunnyDee said...

So, is Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles any good, then? That is, if you've played all the rest on the PC, is it any good playing this on the wii? (sounds like an interesting thing to do... does it use any wii capabilites?)

patricio.betteo said...

Luv that comic (:

El Gato Negro company said...

i know the feeling... resident evil is supposed to be so much easier in the wii since you can shoot with the wii mote... but i guess we all commit mistakes sometimes hahaha
i love your comic, i hope you keep doing things like that :3!

plus! that blue guy is really sexy hahaha

theWoodenKing said...

its ok and fun with the zapper but not for too much, its not like the other RE games, its a on-rail shoot-em-up. youtube it.


haha yeah i'm getting back into my one-pager mode, i think i might do another today.

the blue prince is kinda hot.