Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Zombie Pirates!!

i quote Adam West, Mayor of Quahog when he said "Zombieeeeeeee" and ran away like a little girl.

i did these Zombie Pirates (and not Pirate Zombies cause they are more pirate than zombie but anyway) for Jaded Publishing's Zombie Mosaic
thanks Andrew for the zombie nudge :)

i saw District 9 and it was wonderful and i found that it was based on a short by the same director.
i implore you people to see it.


vsakkos said...

What gargantuan talent does this guy wield eh?
just saw district 9 two days ago and i definitely agree with you! An extraordinary film; it started out like a parallel earth version of the Office (heavy Michael Scott vibes) and as the story unfolded , it became clear that this is one of the best action/scifi/any genre films in effin' ages!
oh and then i saw 500 days of summer...which was sweet in a Pushing Daisies rip/off way...but i digress...
rock on wooden king!

!Shako! said...

oh and awesome pirates matey!
what is that on the navigator's head???

theWoodenKing said...

yep i know the feeling, i felt the scifi force too.
i want to see 500 days and i dont think it has popped up in the cinema here yet.

high five to ya, V!!

its a small skull and cross bones, or is it? hmmm