Monday, 24 August 2009

Interview and work lalala

Hey hey
whats up?
any news?
ive been working, playing games and watching movies over the last couple of weeks, while not being at the office for summer break.
i cant stress enough the meaning of relaxation at home, it feels good to be able to wake up and play ghostbusters and street fighter 4 for a couple of hours then work when the sun goes down :)

Pity thats all over and now i have to get down to buisness again and finish my Ghostbusters short story.

Last Saturday there was an interview in the weekly "9" comic mag.

sorry this interview is in Greek.


patricio.betteo said...

9 big kudos for that!

El Gato Negro company said...

i wish i could understand Greek u.u

theWoodenKing said...

thanks Pat :D

@El Gato
me too! :P
for all i know there jsut dishing me hehe

Anonymous said...

op.. wraia foto sou valane ;) xuuxuxu
kalh douleia dear ...

theWoodenKing said...

nai eixa kali fotografo!