Friday, 8 May 2009

Jenny Greenteeth Deck

I think this is the biggest post ive ever done process wise.
this is a Skateboard deck project brought to you from sketch to print to board.
a roller coaster of an adventure!


this all began from the 7ply project, 80 artists doing deck illustration for the 7ply exhibition.
i was glad to be a part of this since ive never done something similar before and it actually turned out to be really fun. (cant wait to do this again btw!)

After batting around various ideas, i23 came to the decition to do a Jenny Greenteeth tribuite
an english folklore river hag that drowns little children that go to close to the water without supervision.

so here we go with a thumbnail with the main idea

then pencils on heavy bristol paper

some concept colouring this time cause i had my mind set on making some lily pads to cover the deck which in the end looked kind of silly, so i just went with the deep water.

then watercolour on the pencils

photoshoped the watercolour pic to this
i had added a white layer with a crown with two fish swimming around it and a lily with her name next to it but didnt have time to add that detail :S
but i will once i get the Deck back from the expo :)

printed it out on a transparent sticker & applied to the deck by my bro in arms' Tind

as you can see this is interesting cause you also see the wood details below and it add an other texture to the illustration.

and voila!
a special Jenny Greenteeth deck!

'whew' that was a long post.
all Athenians in the area who want to see the 80 decks and other skaty stuff can head this weekend to Technopolis, Gazi, Athens!
and check out these guys that are doing decks for this too: Tind, Taxis, Re!, Dreyk


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tind said...

guinness power ??

Kert said...

nice job!
se entopisa apo frogs n dogs..

cu tomorrow at 7ply:D

Anonymous said...

excellent !!!

acid-Katia is amazed said...

gamaei. poso gamaei!!!

woop woop for Mike!