Friday, 10 April 2009

Who Watches The Craftsmen?

And Last but not least, the final post before the convention.
copy/paste from comicdom con

A number of artists (five, actually: Petros Christoulias, Mihalis Dialynas, Kostas Kyriakakis, Tasos Maragos, and Tomek) participate in an exercise that echoes the known Surrealist game, Exquisite Corpse. Their intent is not to find out the murderer but to bring a story to life, in front of a live audience.

Their Frankenstein-like effort, inside the Hellenic-American Union Theatre, will be made more intense by the all-seeing cameras that will bring the audience as close to the creative process as possible! This is a unique opportunity to participate in the war between words and pictures!

See the panels come to life before your eyes!
Everyone, run to the trenches!
Ink will flow!
Pencil shavings will drown us!


(Sunday April 12, 18:30, Theatre)

See Ya All there!

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