Sunday, 5 April 2009

the Scarecrow

with a week away from this years Comicdom Con Athens
i think i will start to post different goods from the event.

Starting with a fan piece of Batman's scary villain, the Scarecrow.
this is gonna be a part of the superhero exhibition that will line the walls,
where 12 greek comic artist draw their favourite Hero or Villain!
(Grecians click the link )
the rest follow below!
i was half-minded on doing the Crazy Quilt (weird and colourful) but the creepiness of Scarecrow pulled me in :)

more to come!


TOMEK said...

Oraios o Scarecrow, tha to ekselikseis?

theWoodenKing said...

ti na exelixo?
einai kakos apo to batman :)
nana nana nanananananana BATMAN!!