Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Beast is Dead...Long live the Beast.

finally i finished the unpredictable amount of storyboard frames i had to do.
here is a photo of the slane beast lying in my office "dungeon".
it was a rough fight but the best man won i guess :P

and now that i have done that, i can focus my energy on comics. (untill the next monster comes knocking)
here is a concept sketch for a book i'm doing :)

and one of my favorites tracks i have been listening to a lot lately :)

The Cinematic Orchestra - Reel Life


Unknown said...

Cinematic orchestra is very cool :) iv got a few albums of them man :) and how are you doin buddy ? :)

Helm said...

Congratulations, sboardslayer!

Anonymous said...

Ελπιζω στην πίστα που παίζεις να μην έχει άλλα τέτοια τέρατα σύντομα....