Saturday, 13 September 2008


"Enter the lists, IVANHOE on horseback, in complete steel, with visard down; on his shield an uprooted oak-sapling, with the motto, "Il Desdichado." He salutes the PRINCE by lowering the point of his spear.

What means his motto?

The disinherited!

The disinherited
The disinherited knight!"

At last the Book is done and this is its final Illustration for the Back cover.

I hope someday i have the time to bind a copy of what i would like the final to be like and with its 300+ pages and a leatherbound cover and embedded logo design on the front mmmm :drool:

anyway the book will be out and about end of Sept - First week of Oct by Erevnites Publishing here in Greece.


Helm said...

Congratulations on wrapping this job up, Mike!

theWoodenKing said...

@ Helm
thanx Thl
still waiting for the printing proofs to say that i am finished and get payed of course :P

pan pan said...

teleiwse to giofyri ths artas epitelous?

theWoodenKing said...

@ panpan
nai nai min pesei mono :P

Helm said...

Let's hope they don't fuck you over. If they fuck you over they've got another thing coming. Warriors-style greek comic artist posse will challenge them in the streets like they're Orphans and steal their slightly skanky yet strangely compelling women.