Friday, 29 February 2008

Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun and the Sword of Mars
he found an old sword stuck in the ground and believed it was the war god Mars (Ares) sword and carried it with him in every battle.

Attila the Hun, Scourge of God, ruled over an empire which stretched from Germany to the Ural river and from the Danube River to the Baltic sea.

here are is the pencils for the illustration of Attila the Hun
and after a couple of colours here and there :)
Comissioned work of 20 illustrations i took with G.Gousis (10 each) for the entertainment company King of Houston. 

it can be found in the Revolutions & Empires Gallery, under Empires.

the ownership of that illustration is of King of Houston Pte Ltd


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE A SILLY or FOOL: Attila's picture description PRISCUS RHETOR roman ambassador.

Only the his EYES WERE WILD, the MAN was simple.


theWoodenKing said...

no need to call names Kündü
if you have a problem then tell it to wikipedia

Anonymous said...