Wednesday 19 August 2015


Hey all, long time no write, its hard keeping the blog going when you have all these social media outlets going on at a daily basis. I should post at least once a month with covers and preview pages from THE WOODS. We are coming up to the middle of the Woods Saga next month, its so weird that i've been drawing this book monthly for the last two years nearly, where does the time go?

Anywho, this year is the first time i'll be doing a bunch of conventions one after the other!
Excited for all the flying and airplane food :)

First up, I'm a special guest at the 2nd CYPRUS COMIC CON on the 28th of August.
First time in Cyprus so i hope that this little adventure will be a nice break since i didnt have one this summer. I'll have mostly prints, originals and a hand full of comics with me plus i'll be doing sketch commissions at the con.  I wont have time to do any pre-show commissions, maybe just one or two.
So if you are interested please ask.

Next up is NEW YORK COMIC CON! from the 8th-11th of October, i'll be in the Artist Alley with my buddy Ilias Kyriazis, I'll have a full schedule for this con including store signing the week before the con with James Tynion IV for The Woods etc so i'll update this space again some time next month.
Again I wont have time for pre-show commissions maybe one or two but i will be doing sketch commissions at the show. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

3rd con! THOUGHT BUBBLE on the 14th-15th of November!!
Again i'll have a table with Ilias Kyriazis at the con and more info will be available near to the event.

plus i have one more con in December that will be announced soon but if you know me you've probably figured out where i'll be that time of the year :)

So i'll leave you for now and i'll get back to you all when i have more news!
Till then i'll leave you here with my version of the HMS FANTASTIC4 team.

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